Capital Markets

Investment Grade Corporate Bonds

This is a unique and proprietary financing solution called the Fully Funded Bond Program (“FFBP”). This program is designed to help businesses across all industries have access to debt and equity capital that carries terms significantly better than any equity partner or bank can offer. The FFBP’s best uses are for refinancing’s, recapitalizations, acquisitions and development deals.
Term: 5-30 years
Interest Rate: 12-month LIBOR + .25% – 3.5%
Interest Rate Mode: variable
LTV: Deal Specific
Prepayment Penalty: No
Closing Fees: 3-9%, Deal Specific
Time to funding: 4-6 months
Loan size: $5,000,000-$1,000,000,000
Approved uses: Open
Collateral: Flexible; replaceable after bond issuance

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